About us at Personal Statement UK

Personal-statement.co.uk is committed to assisting you in your Personal Statement quest.

In order for us to offer this service, we have an established group of writers & academics at your disposal. The Team has years of experience & have undertaken extensive research of the entire process to ensure you receive the highest quality service.

Over the last 6 years, we have consulted hundereds of university admissions staff and built up a bank of 1000s of successful personal statements covering a huge range of profiles.

The demand for help, support and guidance in the writing of personal statements has increased as the demand for further and higher education has grown in the UK.

Our aim has always been to help provide the support, experience and expertise young people need to make the best of their lives and get the most out of their education and chosen careers.

We are continually updating out bank of successful Personal Statements, adopting effortlessly to change, ensuring you have the edge over the competition.