Automated Service
Personalised Service

Extensive research of the Admission process has taught us the importance of matching students profiles with the target profile of the course and university of choice.

For example, Medical applicants are 4 times more likely to be accepted if they are seen as "team players" rather than "radical thinkers".
(Note:The opposite is true for chemists at Cambridge).

Our personalised service addresses this vital issue. Our comprehensive, user-friendly online questionnaire will gather all the information we require to match your academic profile and choice of University, with an appropriate selection of statements drawn from a proven bank of successful former applicants.

Our Personalised Service comes with 2 options:

Option 1 - 5 examples of successful personal statements selected from a cross section of successful former applicants. Just £24.97

Option 2 - 10 examples of successful personal statements selected to match your personal profile, chosen subject or University for Just £29.97

Both options come with comprehensive guides:
The Essential Guide to Personal Statements (usually £12.99),
The Essential Guide to the Top Universities in the UK (usually £12.99) AND The Essential Guide to Student Loans (usually £4.99)